Organizer Conversion Utility

Organizer Conversion Utility 16.0

The conversion utility is included in the Organizer 6.1 install program

The conversion utility (provided by Randsync) is included in the Organizer 6.1 install program. This utility was previously provided in the \EXTRAS directory on the Organizer 6.0 CD. These updated .MSI files are for customers who have a problem installing the English or German Organizer 6.1 in Windows 2000 or XP, when one or more of the following conditions exist: -- You get an error message about memory during the Organizer 6.1 installation. -- You are installing in a mixed environment (German Organizer 6.1 on a non-German operating system, or English Organizer 6.1 on a non-English operating system). -- You have a previous version of Organizer already installed. NOTE: This information also applied to the Windows XP operating system. The updated German and English language .MSI files were modified to prevent a silent install of the Randsync conversion utility on Windows 2000 and XP, eliminate the error message, and allow the Organizer installation to complete successfully. NOTE: After installing the update, the functionality to convert Outlook 97/98, ACT! 3.x, Sidekick 97/98, and Day-Timer Organizer 98 files to Organizer will not work. The conversion utility is provided by a third party and is not supported in all operating system environments. For example, the German conversion utility doesn't work in Windows 2000.

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